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 FEAST Farms 

A sustainable and scalable farm housed within 40' and 53' shipping containers networked together to create an ecosystem. The FEAST Farm containers are globally deployable and can be scaled to feed a small village or to provide food and jobs in a large scale operation. Powered by solar and wind, with clean water sourced through atmospheric water generation (pure alkaline water extrapolated from the humidity). S.A.F.E. FEAST Farms provide accelerated hyper-growth of fish and produce, power generation / electricity, water, medical grade oxygen, training and jobs. A one stop solution for a number of problems currently faced by humanitarian efforts and organizations, both domestically and abroad. To sum it up, Global Outreach and Disaster Relief in a box. Since this is a scalable farm solution, there are numerous configuration options. A FEAST Farm on a small piece of land, 200' x 200', is capable of daily sustaining up to 5000 people and scalable to 500,000 with larger parcels of land.

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